Entry #4

Riddle me this, Newgrounds user.

2008-07-19 12:01:28 by Skullkid700

If you're reading this, then you most likely are on my page.
But why?

How did you get here?!
Tell me how you stumbled upon my page below.

Riddle me this, Newgrounds user.


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2008-07-19 14:20:47

Clicked on a random persons news post on the Blogs page

Skullkid700 responds:

Haha, koolio.


2008-09-04 18:05:53

You posted in my blog, so I'm returning the favor. ;)

Skullkid700 responds:

Haha, thanks. ^^


2008-11-13 16:15:51

you rudely and vicsiously spammed my page so i came back to see what kind of asshole you are

Skullkid700 responds:

Thanks for the concern!


2008-11-29 21:25:33

Most likely on your page? How about most certainly, definitely, absolutely on your page?

I happened to click your name out of the 200 people that added the Missingno. flash to their favs.

Skullkid700 responds:

Haha, that's pretty kool.

But, yeah, only most likely. They could be...uh...on an anti-skullkid page. Who knows.


2009-04-01 21:08:13

Riddle me this, China worker.


2013-02-25 04:13:55

you used the little front page message thing so i clicked cus of that.